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Diego Sanchez Barcelo Artist & Designer

Originally from Mallorca, Diego has spent the majority of his youth out side of the island.

He’s worked as a graphic artist and art director in the UK for major companies in the media industry like MTV, Saatchi & Saatchi and Dazed & Confused. His work has been reviewed by publications like It’s Nice That, Dazed Beauty and the Gestalten Verlag.

Recently moved back to his home island he’s current work is an iteration of a surrealist imaginary in the form of unique pieces that are an analogy to his digital 3D work.

His academic graphic design background merges with his ability to concept ideas and shapes – it being in a virtual scenario or in real life.

His work is a bridge between contemporary art & design and the discovery of ancient civilizations and archaeology.

BSE – Big Stone Energy

This work explores the boundaries of the art object and functional design using reclaimed stone and found materi- als of the island.

This process gives them a second life, re-imagining their inner shape, and conferring them a new soul, for then time and nature to claim them back and bring up new attributes and aspects to the piece.

Very often a raw material has personality traits that inspire a specific approach. Almost as if the Face/work is already there and all you have to do is carve it out..

Totems, idols and deities are engrained in the Mediterranean imagery since the beginning of time. These objects and sculptures are an iteration of Diego’s multi faceted work and represent a collection of his personal symbolism.

Diego’s imaginary world pulls from many references, such as materials, light, landscapes, archaeology, fine art, architecture and design. “But overall, the thing that consistently inspires me is nature. I grew up in Mallorca and recently moved back, so I still get very excited by the sea and all the cool stuff I find in it.”

Evidently a prominent reference throughout his work, nature takes multiple forms and appears throughout the designs that he creates.

MD in Art Direction
& Communication Strategies ELISAVA | Barcelona
School of Design and Engineering

BA in Arts & Design
Escola Massana | Barcelona School of Art & Design


It’s Nice That Dazed Beauty



STIU Collective @Obsolete – Valldemossa, Palma de Mallorca. 2020

IRL “In Real Life” @Ugly Duck Gallery – London. 2019

Jelato For All, @Jelato Gallery – Palma de Mallorc